Chef Michel Frank.


Aruba Heat Products is owned and operated by chef Michel Frank. With the love for heat and spicy foods and his culinary passion, a dream became reality in 2007 and started with planning and a lot of research on processing, bottling and the so interesting world of hot peppers. Putting together a list of ingredients, the cooking, testing, and tasting started. After creating different sauces with different taste and heat levels, three new hot sauces were born. Red Heat, Tropical Heat and BBQ Heat. Each with unique island flavors from mild to wild.

In the beginning of 2008, the sauces were ‘polished and finetuned’ and on March 7th we proudly completed our first sale to a major local supermarket. Meanwhile Chef Michel travelled abroad and successfully finished the course Acidified Canning at the University of Atlanta and is then FDA qualified for food canning. Upon popular demand Papaya, Mango and Habanero by ‘I Love Aruba Heat’ also saw the daylight in the years after.

Filling jars with delicious Rucu.

During the Corona period when Aruba was experiencing difficult times because of the closed borders and lock down, a crisis baby was born: Rucu Tradishonal and his brother Hot Rucu was brought to the local market. Known for his creativity and sense of humor, Chef Michel gave life to Assplosive and he will continue to bottle different island flavors and heat for the enjoyment of his fans and loyal clientele. Aruba Heat sauces are always prepared from fresh peppers and high-quality ingredients without the use of any preservatives and are made every time in micro batches to maintain better quality control.

Aruba Heat Products are produced, bottled, and distributed since 2008 in Aruba by Imports 2000 & More nv.